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Mozy is stuck at logging in or loading settings


Article ID: 000004636

Date: 10/02/2013


Mozy client continuously spins while logging in or validating key, or never finishes loading settings.  


There are 2 possible reasons for this issue:

  • Complex or large backup sets
  • Conflicts with other software

Complex Backup Sets
If the settings window eventually opens you can resolve this issue by:

  1. Click on the Backup Sets tab.
  2. Remove all unnecessary backup sets.
    1. Right-click backup set
    2. Select Remove Backup Set.
  3. Make sure that system and program files are not marked for backup.
    1. Click on Options tab.
    2. Click on the Advanced sub tab. 
    3. Deselect Allow back up and display of protected operating system files.

If the settings window won't open try resolving the issue by:

  1. Restarting the computer.
  2. If the issue is still occurring, try disconnecting any external hard drive attached to the computer.  

Note: For steps on how to safely remove an external hard drive, see the directions included when you purchased the external hard drive.

Software Conflicts
Below is a list of the possible software conflicts that Mozy might encounter. To resolve these conflicts, download and run the mozylspfix file. If you are still having a problem opening Settings, contact Mozy support.

To run the mozylspfix: 

  1. Click on the attached zip file to download it. 
  2. Open the downloaded mozylspfix zip. 
  3. Double click on the mozylspfix file. 
  4. If the Open File - Security Warning appears, click Run.
Settings window hanging: Security Warning

  1. Select the Mozy product(s) you are using. 

Note: You will need to restart before the settings take effect. 

  1. Click OK. There will not be a notification when it completes.
Settings window hanging: Select Mozy Product

  1. Restart the computer. 

If you don't wish to do the workaround, you will need to disable or remove the possible LSP or software conflict from your machine.

List of Possible Confl​icts

Possible Conflicting Version(s)
Microsoft Security Essential
All Non-Current Versions
Any Mobile Tethering (bmnet.dll)
All Known Versions
All Known Versions
PC Tools AV
All Known Versions
Spyware Doctor
All Known Versions
BMI Sprint Smart View
All Known Versions
Killer Nic (bfllr.dll) Bigfoot Networks, Inc
All Known Versions
Internet Access Protection (kaseyasp.dll)
All Known Versions
Cloud Care by bsecure
All Known Versions
Trend Micro
All Known Versions
Network Magic Pure Networks
All Known Versions
PureSight Internet Content Filter (winsflt.dll)
All Known Versions
Covenant Eyes (CESpy.dll)
All Known Versions
SafeEyes (icf.dll)
All Known Versions
NetIntelligence (nihlsp.dll)
All Known Versions
CA ISafe (VetRedir.dll)
NOD32 (imon.dll) Unknown
AVG Family Safety (InetCtrl52.dll) All Known Versions
AVG Cloudcare All Known Versions

For more information about this issue, see this Microsoft knowledge base article.

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