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Send Files to Mozy by Data Shuttle

Article Reference ID: 000155432
Prerequisite: Before you can use the Data Shuttle, you must contact Mozy sales to learn whether you meet the requirements. For more information, see Sending Files to Mozy on a Hard Drive.
Tip: If you're using a VM (virtual machine), be sure USB pass-through is enabled.

The Data Shuttle device arrives with instructions in the package. Refer to these instructions to begin using Data Shuttle. When the Data Shuttle device is connected, the Data Shuttle wizard provides guidance for the file transfer process.

Important: A return shipping label is also in the package. Keep the label and original packaging to use when sending the Data Shuttle device back to Mozy when the transfer of files to the device is complete.

Following is a general overview of using Data Shuttle.

  1. Choose one of the following options.
    • If the Mozy backup software is not yet installed on the computer to be backed up with Data Shuttle, download and install it now. For more information, see Download Mozy Software.
    • If a backup with Mozy is currently underway, go to the next step.
  2. Connect the Data Shuttle device to an available eSata or USB port on the computer. If a backup is in progress, it automatically stops and is redirected to the Data Shuttle device.
  3. (Optional) If you have multiple Data Shuttle devices connected, then select the volume you want to use when prompted.
  4. Verify and save the selection of files for transfer. The transfer of files starts automatically, encrypting the files and transferring them from the computer to the Data Shuttle device.
  5. (Conditional) If the size of the transfer is large enough, more than one Data Shuttle device is sent. In that case, when prompted to do so, connect the additional Data Shuttle devices successively as the transfer proceeds.
  6. Once the files have been transferred, pack the Data Shuttle device, the cables, and the power cord into the original packaging and return it to Mozy using the provided overnight shipping label.
While the Data Shuttle device is in transit to Mozy, you can routinely back up over the Internet. Once you are notified that the transfer of files from the Data Shuttle device to the Mozy cloud is complete, you may restore files if necessary.