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Select Files Manually in Backup Software for Windows

Article Reference ID: 000247077

You can manually select or deselect any files or folders at any time using the File System tab on the Settings window. If you select a folder, any files later added to that folder are automatically included in backups. If selections were made using backup sets, you can review the File System tab to see exactly which files and folders are selected.

If you cannot change this setting and you use Windows, you may be able to resolve this issue yourself. For more information, see If Settings Are Greyed Out in the Mozy Backup Software for Windows. You may not be able to change this setting if your account administrator is managing it for you.

  1. Open the Settings window. Choose one of the following actions.
  2. Click the File System tab. Your computer's file system is displayed in the left pane.
    Figure 1. File System Tab
    File System Tab
  3. Choose any action (some choices might not be applicable).
    • To see how a specific folder or drive is treated by backups, hover the mouse pointer over the name and wait for the tooltip to appear.
    • To select a different drive, such as a data partition, a second internal drive, or an external drive, click the checkbox to its left. USB or flash drives cannot be backed up.
    • To select or deselect a folder, click the checkbox to its left. When you select a folder, all its subfolders are selected as well.
    • To expand a folder, click the plus sign to its left.
    • To collapse a folder, click the minus sign to its left.
    • To see files inside a folder, click the name of the folder. The folder's contents are displayed in the right pane.

      If you want to access a file in Windows Explorer, right-click the name of the file in the right pane and select Show in Windows Explorer.

    • To select or deselect a file, click the checkbox to its left. The names of encrypted files are displayed in a different color.
      Note: If you are using 2xProtect, files which are locally EFS encrypted cannot be selected for backup. If you wish to use 2xProtect, you must first deselect such files.
    • To select from a shared or network location, click Add network shares in the left pane. In the window that opens, enter the UNC path to the share and the credentials to use.
    Note: MozyHome cannot back up network drives. Only MozyPro or MozyEnterprise accounts using a server service type can back up a network drive.
  4. Click OK. Your changes are saved and the Settings window closes.

Backups cannot happen unless your computer is turned on and connected to the Internet and not in hibernation, sleep, or standby mode.