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Renaming, Moving, and Deleting Files

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The Mozy backup software ensures that exact copies of your current file selections are in the Mozy cloud, including updates when you delete, move, or rename a file.

There are different reasons a file can be considered deleted.
  • You intentionally delete or deselect a file from backing up.
  • A drive on your computer is malfunctioning, causing some or all files to appear to be missing and therefore deleted. During your grace period you can resolve the issue with the drive, possibly by restoring your files to a replacement drive. For MozyHome accounts, this retention period is 30 days. For MozyPro accounts, the retention period is 60 days, and for MozyEnterprise it is 90 days.
  • You install the Mozy backup software on a new computer using the "replace computer" process, and the first backup completes before files from an old computer are restored or moved to the new computer.

When you rename a file on your computer, the backup software deletes the file with the old name and creates a new copy of the file with the new name. The old file remains in the cloud according to the grace period for your account.

When you move a file from one folder to another on your computer, the backup software treats it the same as renaming a file.