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Choosing Files to Back Up

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When you install the Mozy backup software, the most commonly backed up files are preselected for you. You can change which files are selected any time you like, selecting or deselecting files to use more or less storage space. Your use of space is calculated based on current selections.

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In Linux, no files or directories are selected for backup by default, unless your administrator has run a script or done something else. Files are backed up based on manually adding backup directories.
Automatic and manual file selection
Method Description
Automatic During installation, the Mozy backup software automatically selects files to back up. Predefined backup sets look for common types of files such as documents, spreadsheets, financial files, email, photos, and music on your computer desktop or anywhere in the default Documents folder. On a Windows computer, this is only the C drive. In the Mozy backup software for Mac, backup sets are called Suggested Files/Folders.

You can also create or change the rules for backup sets to meet your own needs. For example, you may create a backup set which backs up all .JPG files on your computer.

Manual You can browse the contents of your computer and manually select files and folders to back up. You can also deselect files you do not want to back up. For example, you might have a folder of temporary documents that you want exclude from backing up.

You can use both automatic and manual file selection at the same time, or you might prefer to use only one method. It is always a good idea to verify that your most important files are selected.

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If you use Windows and if you wish to use 2xProtect, you cannot select EFS-encrypted files for backup. Any EFS-encrypted files must be deselected before your first backup using 2xProtect.

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