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Download Files in an Archive Package

Article Reference ID: 000247505

When you download an archive package (rather than direct download with Restore Manager), you should use a download manager. Web browsers such as Firefox or Safari provide their own download managers. Using a download manager is necessary because restores can be large and therefore can take some time to completely and successfully download. If the download process is interrupted or stopped, a download manager can restart the process where it left off rather than starting the entire download again from the beginning. You can search for and obtain download managers on the Internet.

  1. Click or tap your user name, then click or tap Event history. Event history appears. For more information, see Understanding Event History in Mozy on the Web.
  2. In the Event history list, select an Archive Package event with a status of Ready for Download. The Details pane appears.
  3. Under Downloads, click the link to download this package. If the request was large enough, there is more than one download link.
  4. Save the archive package to your Desktop. This file may resemble a folder. It contains your files in a compressed (or zipped) fashion, making the archive package as small as possible so you can download it faster.
    Note: If you find the archive package is not being saved, or if your Web browser simply tries to open the file instead of offering to save it, you may need to change settings for your Web browser and try again. For help in doing this, consult help topics for your Web browser.
  5. Extract your compressed files from the archive package.