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Restoring from DVD or Hard Drive

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When you log in to your account online and select files, you can choose to pay for your files to be shipped to you. This delivery method is called media restore. Media restore is not available to all accounts. Whether you can order media restore depends upon where your account is located.

Note: Some MozyPro or MozyEnterprise accounts do not permit users to see or access their Mozy files using Web browsers. If this is the case, you may be able to restore files using the backup software, or you may need to ask your administrator for assistance.
Note: Media restores are available only for backed up files and not for synced files.

Whether your files arrive on a single DVD or several, or even on a hard drive, depends on the total size of all the files you are restoring. If you are restoring more files than will fit on a reasonable amount of DVDs, you will receive a hard drive.

Note: MozyPro or MozyEnterprise accounts that use the Mozy backup software for vSphere can restore from a hard drive. For information, see Restoring vSphere Virtual Machines from a Hard Drive in the Mozy Backup for vSphere Guide.

The files and folders in a media restore are in the same folder structure as they were on your computer when you backed them up, and can be restored into that original folder structure. If you are using a different computer, or a different operating system (Mac versus Windows), you must then move the files to anywhere you like.

To protect our customers, all media restores are encrypted for shipment. This ensures that even if your shipment falls into the wrong hands, nobody except you can get your files from the media restore. You receive the password to decrypt your files in a separate email. If you lose this key, please request assistance here:

Depending on how you installed the Mozy backup software, you may need to provide a key to decrypt your restored files. If such a key is required and if you cannot provide this key, your files cannot be decrypted to a usable state.

If you chose to use a personal encryption key, you might prefer to start by unlocking the shipping encryption and putting the resulting files into a temporary folder, perhaps on your desktop. From that location, you can decrypt using your personal encryption key and in that process put your files into their final destination on your computer.