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Provide Shipping and Payment Information for a Media Restore

Article Reference ID: 000246988
Prerequisite: Before you can provide shipping and payment information for a media restore, you need to select files to restore and then choose the Ship on Media delivery method. For more information, see Choose Delivery Method from Mozy on the Web.

Media restore is not available to all accounts. Whether you can order media restore depends upon where your account is located.

  1. On the Shipping & Payment window of the Restore Wizard, review the detailed information about how long it takes to prepare and send your restore, and the amount you will be charged.
  2. Under Shipping Address, enter details for the address where you will receive the package, then click Next.
  3. Under Credit Card Information, enter details about the card you want to pay with, including billing address information.
  4. Click Payment and Refund Policy to review this information.
  5. Select I agree with Payment and Refund Policy , then click Next. Your set of files is prepared and put onto USB drives, then shipped to you.
Next Steps: When you get the package, you will need to extract your restored files and ensure they are put into the appropriate folders on your computer. For more information, see Restoring from USB Drives.
Note: You can see current status information about your request to ship on media any time. For more information, see Understanding Event History in Mozy on the Web.